Love Your Senses was created to inspire people from all walks of life to experience a pain free and happy life! Starting from humble beginnings, we aimed to find the best products available to help the everyday person to live a better life, to be free from aches and pains and to be able to enjoy everyday without concern!

After our grand opening in 2016, we now hold stock in various countries across the globe, securing warehouses in China, Russia, Australia, Spain, Germany, United States & of course our home country, the United Kingdom. We are an ever expanding business, looking to develop our product line and stock the latest products to improve our customer lives.

Love Your Senses is a family run business, we think family is a big deal and we all know how much energy children have and how the aches and pains creep in as you start to get older. We are passionate about ensuring you can live life to its maximum, enjoy your hobbies, sports, yoga, working out or simply running around with your children or grand children without pain!